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Happy Friday everyone - and happy Superbowl weekend! I'm a little bit torn on who to root for this weekend. I used to work with the high school where Russell Wilson (QB for the Seahawks) went, so although he graduated a year before I arrived there, I love rooting for him. I'm also a huge Peyton Manning fan - he's an amazing football player (dare I say legend?) and on top of that, an all around good dude. Who are you rooting for this weekend?

Now onto this week's favorite links!

1 | In honor of Superbowl XLVIII, my first lovely link of the week is this video. I literally cry-laughed at this "bad lip reading" from the NFL. Hilarious.

2 | In case actually watching the Superbowl isn't your thing, perhaps you might be interested in throwing an anti-Superbowl party? Style Me Pretty has got you covered with plenty of ideas for that one.

3 | And back to our regular programming with this DIY geometric lamp. Oh. my gosh. Sarah's done it again - that girl is so creative and talented!

4 | If we do, in fact, have a second bedroom like I'm hoping for in our next home, I'm picturing a space with this feel for my work-from-home office. I've got the Expedit, desk and now a pretty white chair - all I need is a room for it all to go into that isn't our bedroom! (P.S. I know I've been all cryptic and vague about our moving plans... I hope to have more in the coming weeks to share!)

5 | I love Cassie's newly painted black fireplace (and that she decided to keep the brass!) and hide rug. You'll have to head to her blog to see what a difference a little bit of paint made!

6 | If you're a renter and find yourself living with a kitchen you're not totally in love with (but can't change, of course!), you'll love these tips for maximizing the space and making it your own.

7 | Thanks, Don Draper, for these words. :)

8 | Lastly, I think the blog world has changed dramatically over the past couple of years. It used to be THE place to go for inspiration on home decor, DIY, etc., but now sites like Pinterest have taken over. People don't comment or interact as much (why comment when you can just pin it, right?), and our attention is divided up more and more and more with the constant stream that is social media. I've got lots more thoughts on that, but I'll let you read Jennifer's "Epic Ode to Blogging" post on this topic instead of hearing me ramble today since it echoes my thoughts! It's really beautiful and honest. Take a minute to read it if this resonates with you!

Have wonderful weekends everybody!

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