I'm Back! And Happy New Year!

Well hey there y'all! Happy 2014! I hope you all had wonderful, restful holidays. We just got back late last night from an incredible ten day family vacation in the Caribbean island of St. Barth - it was amazing. Wish we were still there! I can't wait to share lots of details about it this week as I get back in the swing of things and get my life reoriented and back to reality (so not ready for that!). I was so thankful that I could take a true break, relax and disconnect for an extended period of time. It was such a blessing to (mostly) not have internet access for ten days! Life felt incredibly simple, and I'm not quite ready to jump back in head first...if you know what I mean :)...so you'll have to excuse my slow start back into blogging this week. Of course, I can't wait to start in on some new projects and kick 2014 off right on this little blog. 

While I pull together this week's posts, I thought I'd share a few photos I snapped on my iPhone during our time in St. Barth. I took most of my photos on my "real" camera, so I'll get those up here soon - the island is so incredibly beautiful, and like I said, we had an amazing time there!

A piece of our hilltop villa and our view into Grand Cul-De-Sac lagoon from there:

Gorgeous (double!) rainbow caught after one of the many five minute rainstorms we had :):

C and I soaking it all in...

Sunset hike to Colombier beach with the whole fam:

I miss it all already. I'm so incredibly grateful to my parents for taking us on this trip of a lifetime! More to come this week :).

Alright, enough about me, tell me about you! Did you have a chance to take some time to relax and recharge of Christmas and New Year's? Any great vacations? Time with family? Friends?

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