Lovely Links - Handmade Gifts Edition!

It's Friday! Hooray! I hope you all have had lovely weeks so far. I started my new job this week so things have been a little crazy over here. I've barely had time to get my posts up this week, so sorry if communication has been a little slow...hope to be back up to speed next week. :)

Anything exciting on the docket for you this weekend? Christmas parties? Cookie swaps? Shopping for gifts? No matter what the case may be, I'll bet you'll be thinking about Christmas presents at some point. They've definitely been on my mind, and as I've mentioned in my posts this week, I love a good, handmade gift. If you do too, you're going to love this week's edition of Lovely Links because I've rounded up some of my favorite handmade gift ideas from around the blogosphere to help get the ball rolling if you're in the market for a few handmade gifts this year.

Two things you might notice about this list. First, I like things that come in cute containers. Second, I like food-related items. Ok? Ok.

I figure the photos and links can do most of the talking for this post, so I'll try to keep my color commentary to a minimum this week. If you have any gifts to add, please leave links in the comments so other readers can find them!

1 | Bottled Iced Coffee - great for hostess gifts, co-workers, or any coffee lover.

2 | Soy Candles - use your favorite scent!

3 | Homemade Vanilla Extract - the extract takes awhile to make, but would be really cute as a do-it-yourself kit with all the ingredients packaged up together.

4 | Cinnamon Honey Butter - YUM. That is all.

5 |  Manicure Kit - pamper someone you love :).

6 | Personalized Lucite Tray - mix up monograms, colors, patterns...the possibilities are endless.

7 | State String Art - make one with the person's home state!

8 | Old Screen Turned Jewelry Holder - for the jewelry lover of your friends/family. Talk about an easy project.

To round out the handmade gifts, I thought I'd include a few ideas of my own from the blog...

Clockwise from the top:

Have a great weekend, y'all!

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  1. My sister is obsessed with statement jewelry lately- she has created three easy DIY jewelry holders that all make great gifts!

  2. Great collection of ideas... almost pinning:) I have to start thinking about making gifts now that the decorating is under control!!


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