Christmas Cards {Inspiration from Minted + Tiny Prints}

Are y'all sending out Christmas cards this year? I mean the good ole fashioned paper kind? I'm a HUGE fan of receiving them and sending them out. There's nothing like holding a paper card in your hand. I hope that doesn't change - even as the world trends more and more toward digitizing everything.

I'm a little behind in getting our card together this year, but it's happening! They're being printed now, so I should be receiving them in a couple of days (yay!). Once they go out in the mail, I'll share them here. Wouldn't want to spoil the surprise if any of our recipients happen to read the blog ;). In the meantime, I thought I'd show you last year's card that I designed along with some beautiful cards from Minted and Tiny Prints that have me drooling (and put my little card to shame, ha!). If you're still on the hunt for cards, perhaps these will inspire you to push through and get your order in before Christmas! :)

Here's our card from last year:

On the back, we had a series of "fun facts" about the past year like the trips we took, where we'd moved to, etc. This year's card is much simpler and classic, but fun! Can't wait to show you soon.

And now onto the cards I'm loving this year from Minted. It's always the first place I look for inspiration when I'm designing our own card. They (well, their designers...) always do such an amazing job with their designs. One day I'll save up enough pennies to actually buy Minted's cards for our card, but until then, I'm happy just soaking up the gorgeous designs on their website.

Here are my faves:

Have you seen the addition of real gold and silver foil cards this year? They're really beautiful. What can I say, I love shiny things :).

And here are the ones from Tiny Prints that caught my eye this year...

So tell me about your Christmas cards this year! Have you switched to emailing them out? Still loving paper? Not sending them at all? Spill!

*This post isn't sponsored by or endorsed by Minted or Tiny Prints. I'm just a huge fan of their designs and cards and thought you might be too!

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  1. We're still sending out paper cards, at least for now. I think I have lots of fun with paper Christmas cards because everything else in my life is online. Ours were also from Minted this year, because we had such a great experience with them with Morella's birth announcements. Here's our card: http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3769/11309179206_a7e142ba81_b.jpg

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