Office Nook Mini-Makeover

DIY sawhorse desk with upholstered top

Good morning friends! I'm excited to share my mini-makeover for the office nook in our little apartment. If you missed the introduction for why I'm giving this area a refresh, head on over to this post and then come back and read this one :).

After the work I did on this area over the past week, I feel much more prepared to start working from home next month. It's feeling a lot more like an office area and less like a dumping ground for random stuff, which is certainly an improvement! I haven't received any of the equipment for my new job yet (like a scanner/printer, computer, etc.), so I'm sure that I'll need to make some adjustments once that stuff arrives, but for now, I'm really pleased with how things are looking.

Let's take a tour, shall we?

The desk is a piece that I DIY'd in January year using some of my grandparents' old sawhorses and a piece of plywood I upholstered with an old shower curtain. You can see lots of photos of it in this post and read about how I made the upholstered desk top in this post. It's continues to be one of my favorite projects because I could customize it to fit our needs and it was inexpensive to do.

DIY sawhorse desk with upholstered top

I didn't do a whole lot to the desk, but I did make a happy-looking silver and gold mouse pad (tutorial coming later this week!) and added a few office organization items.

Desk vignette

Desk with DIY Mousepad

A new addition to this area is that small piece in the corner, which is something that my amazingly talented father-in-law built for us using an old window last year.

Old window turned side table with books

I found that old window near our old apartment in Richmond. I was at a loss on what to do with it, so he took it and said he'd make something for us out of it. He ended up building this cool side table and I LOVE it - the light colors of the chippy paint are so pretty to me, and the top makes for a perfect bookshelf next to the desk.

And yes, that's a piece of shellacked-on burlap on the tabletop. Such a creative touch.

I borrowed a couple of books from our living room to act as placeholders until I bring my genetic counseling reference books home from my current job because I wanted to show off these awesome brass ram's head bookends I took from my parents' house(!). My mom was planning on selling them in the yard sale we had a month or so ago, but I claimed them instead. Aren't they cool?

The best part of this office update though is the new look of our Expedit bookshelf. I took it from heavy and dark to light and bright. Before, it was very functional and had great storage, but it was a bit of an eyesore and was no longer in great condition...

Expedit panel curtain makeover - before

Now that I've updated it, it's not just functional, it's functional and pretty! It fits much better with the "light and bright" look I am going for with this update. And I'll bet you'll never guess what I used to update it - a grasscloth-esque panel curtain from IKEA!

Expedit panel curtain makeover

Much better now, huh? Not only did I "upholster" this piece with a panel curtain to give it a new look, I also took some time to reorganize those baskets in the cubbies to make some room for more office items. I'm going to leave you in suspense on details though today - a longer post with specifics on this whole makeover is coming tomorrow! :) {UPDATE: Here's the post!}

That wraps up the office nook mini-makeover tour. If you have any questions about what you've seen so far, please leave me a comment and I'll get back to you!

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  1. definitely looking forward to how you covered the ikea expedit shelf I might have to share that with a friend. i believe she'll love it in her own room!

  2. What a great space! That expedit looks amazing!!

  3. I love how it all came together! Great idea upholstering your Expedit. Looks great!

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