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Goodness, I feel like I had so much catching up to do in the blog world this week after being gone on vacation for eight days last week. It was so great to be away, but I definitely missed catching up on my favorite reads every day and perusing the all the amazing creativity. So because of that, I loved pulling together this week's list of lovely links that I've found this week. Hope y'all enjoy them!

1 | Emily shared some great tips on how to hang art.

2 | This is the most amazing DIY photo studio. What a brilliant use of a roller shade. If you frequently photograph items for tutorials or a business, you need this. I need this.

3 | This article, titled "You Are Enough," that Beth wrote this week spoke to me in a deep way. Perhaps it will speak to you too?

4 | Loved these 10 ways to clean using vinegar from Live Love DIY. I had no idea vinegar was so versatile (and dirt cheap - cleaning pun intended).

5 | This is such a cute idea for a baby shower. (From Hannah Kate Flora.)

6 | I think I'll have to ask my handy father-in-law (hi Dan!) to help me make one of these wood cake stands during our next visit. It's perfect for fall.

7 | I had no idea it was possible to use your home printer to print words/phrases on paper napkins! I. will. do. this.

printed paper party napkins

8 | I've asked for one of these for my birthday (next week!). Helloooo organization! Now I just have to decide what size and color...

Have a great weekend y'all! I plan to do some serious relaxing this weekend. How is it almost the end of August already?!

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