Trip Planning: San Francisco and Los Angeles

A little later this summer, we're headed to the west coast for a little bit of California exploration - specifically Los Angeles and San Francisco. I'm really excited to spend some time out there, because neither C nor I have ever been! We're visiting friends and family in LA first, then driving up the coast to San Francisco.

I can't wait.

We're in the process of pulling together a list of "can't miss" places/restaurants/sites, and since we've never been, I thought I'd ask YOU what you'd recommend we see while we're there. I've done a lot of research on SF so far, but not much on LA, so I'd really appreciate your insights on the latter (pretty please!). We love off-the-beaten-path places, but we want to make sure we see some of the major things out there as well. 

Here are a few of the places I'm itching to go to in San Francisco so far. 

Ferry Building Marketplace:

This place looks amazing. From looking at the website and the shops/restaurants, it reminds me of Union Market here in DC (which I posted about here not too long ago). A few of the places I want to hit up are: Acme Bread, Miette, Blue Bottle Coffee and the Farmer's Market.

Golden Gate Bridge/Park:

What signifies SF better than the Golden Gate Bridge? This thing is beautiful. Perhaps a run across it is in order? We're also planning to head up to Wine Country for a half day-ish, so maybe we'll just enjoy the scenic views from the car :).

The Mission District:


I hear this whole neighborhood is pretty stinkin' cool - full of murals, hole-in-the-wall restaurants and shops, and plenty to see. I've got three food-related places on my list here so far: Tartine, Bi-Rite Creamery and Pizzeria Delfina.

Alamo Square Park and the "Painted Lady" Houses:

I'm a sucker for pretty houses, and these iconic ones are right up my alley. Full House anyone?

Ride a Cable Car/Street Car:

Again, another iconic SF activity! It looks like a good way to see some of the city as well. Is that right?

I think I'll stop there...looks like we'll have lots to see and do! What should we add to our list? Fire away!

I'm sure I'll come back with lots of photos and stories to share. Hooray for vacations!


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