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* First, an announcement: In case you missed it yesterday, I'm guest co-hosting the Inspiration Gallery this week! Head back to yesterday's post to link up your projects or find lots of fun ideas! *

And now it's time for another installment of Lovely Links, an every-other-week series here on May Richer Fuller Be. Here are some of my favorite finds, posts and DIYs from the past couple of weeks. Get ready for some serious inspiration heading into the weekend!

1 | Remember that time when I made s'mores bark? Delicious, but how about combining that with brownies? Even better! My mouth is watering just looking at these Inside Out S'mores Bars. Yum!

2 | I love everything about this pretty corner from Craftivity Designs.

3 | Young House Love's painted aqua door is so, so pretty.

4 | Need some statement art for a big, empty wall in your house? How 'bout these from Sarah M. Dorsey Designs? You can download them for free on her blog.

5 | I'm pretty convinced that everything looks better in a jar - Chelsea from Two Twenty One shows us a bunch of fun ideas for using them as storage containers over at IHeart Organizing.

6 | Is there a birthday party coming up for someone in your life? How about making this confetti balloon banner for some high impact/low budget decor? Love it.

7 | Ran across this revamped motor home via Pinterest the other day and loved how she added fun fabric to the plain ole roller shades. We've got some in our living room and I'm now seriously considering adding fun fabric to them.

8 | I'm ending on a more serious note today, but the story here is so powerful I just had to share. Do any of you read The Natos blog? I didn't - until last week, when I came across the story of how an affair almost destroyed their marriage...but didn't. Trust me, you need to hear this story. It's beautiful. I couldn't stop reading. Start with this video and read more on their blog if you'd like.

Hope you all have lovely weekends!

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  1. Thanks so much for including my little corner!! Especially alongside these fantastic other bloggers :) I hope you have a great weekend!
    - Lora

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