Lovely Links - Father's Day Edition

Father's Day is coming up on SUNDAY! Don't let it go by without making sure the dads in your life feel extra loved :). My dad is a pretty special fella in my life, and I love him a lot (hey dad if you're reading!). So today, in lieu of my usual every-other-Friday Lovely Links, I thought I'd point you in the direction of some fun, free printable Father's Day cards. You know, just in case you need a card and don't feel like running to the nearest CVS to get one. There are a few quirky cards, and they're all unique, which I love.

1 | The Tom Kat Studio.

2 | The House That Lars Built. There are three designs to choose from on this site.

3 | Hello Lucky. This one has last year's date on it, unfortunately, but is too cute to leave out.

4 | Minted. Ok, this one's not free, but I thought it was too cute to leave out. It could easily be replicated.

5 | No Biggie. Template for the pinwheel included.

6 | Stork Coming.

7 | Balancing Home.

8 | Whisker Graphics. These are blank coupons you can fill out - it's the gift that keeps on giving :).

Hope you enjoy this round-up! Go print yourself a card or two and enjoy celebrating your dad this weekend!

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