Mother's Day Photostrip Card

This post comes a few days late because I didn't want to spoil the surprise for my mom, but I did want to share what I made for her this year. I love handmade gifts and giving handmade gifts to others is one of my favorite things to do. I think that Mother's Day provides a perfect excuse to make something special.

I don't know about your mom, but I know mine would take a thoughtful card over something material for Mother's Day, so I decided to make her one. I took some inspiration from the Sweetest Digs and made her a photostrip-esque card using some Instagrams of me and my brother. I had them printed using the Printicular app and picked them up at my local Walgreens.

We took these a few weekends ago when my brother was in town from Alabama. I wanted the whole thing to be a surprise for my mom, so while the whole fam was together at my parents' house, the two of us (with my sister-in-law as our lovely photographer) snuck outside for a few minutes to snap some some photos. We shot a bunch of fun poses holding a white piece of paper so I could Photoshop the words in later. These four were my favorite, so they're the ones that made the cut for the card.

I mounted the Instagrams onto turquoise cardstock using clear photo corners (you could certainly glue or tape them on too, but I like the look of the photo corners).

All it took was one 12"x12" piece of card stock...

...cut into four squares. I cut the card stock in half one way, then in half again the other way. I ended up with four 6"x6" squares, which was a perfect size for the 4"x4" Instagrams to sit on.

In order to center the Instagrams on the card stock, I used a ruler to mark the placement of the photo corners - 1" from each side of the card stock (no hard math here!). 

Then I could easily place my photo smack dab in the middle of the card stock.

Once I mounted each photo onto the card stock, I lined them up like a photostrip...

...and stitched them together using red and white baker's twine. I thought the "x" stitching was pretty cute and gave it a quirky touch. I know you can't really read what's on the pieces of paper in the photos, so I'll fill you in ;). They say, appropriately, "Happy Mother's Day! Love, Chaney and Will".

Here's the finished card! 

It was so fun making this card, but it was even fun giving it to my mom. I folded it up and put a baker's twine bow on it when I gave it to her. She loved it :). We definitely surprised her with the photos of the two of us together. She had no idea we'd done that. I'd say it was a great success! 

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  1. What a sweet project to make for any mother! I have a love of great photos! Stopping by from Inspire Me Please. Have a great night!

  2. How fun! I'll have to keep this in my for Christmas!

    1. Great idea. It certainly isn't a Mother's Day exclusive idea :).

  3. It looks really nice! I am totally sharing this idea to my co-workers at http://hitthegrade.com/ - they are going to love it! It would be nice to have decorated the office with photos like that. Thanks for sharing.


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