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Happy Friday y'all! I'm back today with a little weekend reading and eye candy for you. I can't resist sharing some of the lovely things I've run across over the past week. Hope you enjoy them!

1 | This hand-lettered image really struck me. I have a minor obsession with bokeh and beautiful hand-lettered things (I have major Lindsay Letters envy), so I totally love this. Plus, the verse from Psalms is one of my favorites.

2 | Bower Power has been writing some awesome Photoshop/Photography tutorials including one this week about improving your small product photography. She shows you how to create your own little photography studio to help you take more Pinterest or Etsy-worthy photos. Hats off to you, Katie. Thanks for sharing your talents!

3 | Jessie shared an extremely simple way to add character to your house - frame out your doors! She wrote a great tutorial on adding craftsman-style trim - no miter saw or special materials needed (except for a nail gun, which really isn't totally necessary). P.S. Her house is adorable too - check out the whole thing, k?

4 | I made s'mores bark (link is similar to what I made) last night for my small group at church. It. was. delicious. OHmygosh. I'll share the recipe and my little adjustments to it next week. It was so easy though, you can probably guess how to do it :). (Side note: What is it with me and recipes lately? Isn't this a home/design blog? I'm not sure what has gotten into me...)

5 | I may not have kids yet, but I can still appreciate this next project. Liz shared a cool way to turn kids' artwork into something a little more modern and "display-able" if you know what I mean. Heck, I'd use this tutorial to make some artwork out of non-kids' artwork as well!

6 | I spotted this cool string art by Mandi over at Vintage Revivals and loved it (no pun intended). And yes, I know that there's tons of string art out there these days, but how cool is this one?

Have a wonderful weekend!

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