Creative Bits | 18: File Cabinets Turned Storage Unit

It's time for another installment of Creative Bits! Today's bit has been circulating all over the blog world over the past week or so, but deservedly so (in my humble opinion). Take a look at these filing cabinets turned storage unit:

This chic industrial storage unit is a part of a house tour from Country Living. I can't help but love the happy yellow paint combined with the darkly stained wood top. This would be so easy for anyone to recreate - even those self-proclaimed non-DIYers. You'd just need to pick up three filing cabinets from your local thrift store, some happy-colored spray paint, and piece of plywood for the top (similar to the one I used for my DIY desk).

Just think about all the storage possibilities for this baby. You wouldn't have to use it for files. It'd make a great buffet in a dining room, a perfect sofa table, or even good storage for a mudroom. Any way you look at it, it's a super creative use of an otherwise boring office necessity.

If you do take on this project, just make sure that your thrifted file cabinets are the same height and have the same style drawer fronts (color doesn't matter, obviously, because you'll be painting them!). Also, before purchasing spray paint, check the label to be sure it's made for metal, otherwise it'll chip.

Hope y'all have a great week!


Creative Bits is a semi-regular series here on May Richer Fuller Be where I share little tips, tricks and simple do-it-yourself projects from other creative bloggers' minds. I figure if it makes me say, "wow," it's worth passing along to you! And remember, if you want to pin any images that don't belong to me, please click through and pin from the original source!

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