Operation {Re}Organization: The Bathroom Introduction

Today I've got the pleasure of introducing you to the most glamorous of all organizing projects - the bathroom!

What? You don't agree with the glamorous part? Quit scoffing over there. This is gonna be fun!

We have the tiniest of all bathrooms in our apartment. So tiny in fact, that I've never attempted to photograph it for fear of having to balance myself on top of the bathroom sink in order to get a decent shot. Yikes. Guess I'll have to figure that one out if I'm going to show you any of the results of this organizational adventure...

For being so tiny, our bathroom actually has pretty decent storage. We've got a large cabinet under the sink, a small shelving unit attached to the wall on one side, and an over-the-toilet cabinet. Right now, things are actually fairly organized, but I think we can utilize the space better, as well as make it a little prettier in the process.

Lately I've been brainstorming ideas and finding inspiration for this project, so that's what I'm going to share with you today. Let's look at some pretty spaces before diving into the nitty gritty, shall we? These photos are jam-packed with ideas you could translate into your own home. They're pretty inspiring to me! Hope these inspire you too if you're looking to tackle some bathroom organization yourself.




These photos definitely have a few things in common: bins, baskets, labels and containers are the name of the game (as always) when it comes to organizing the bathroom.

Stay tuned over the next couple of weeks for before photos, the plan for what I want to tackle, tutorials, and of course, the most important part - the after photos!


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