February Project Round-Up

Man, I can't believe we're already five days into March! Since February is a short month, I'm not being too hard on myself for being a few days late on my monthly project round-up. I was pretty excited about showing you Jackson's new bed yesterday, so I pushed this post back a day. This is a great "catch-up" post if you're new to the blog, or if you missed a project here and there.

I started off the month with a fun little Valentine's Day project - a recycled magazine page heart garland.

The Richmond Fan District art print made its debut (and is for sale in my Etsy shop).

Operation {Re}Organization continued on... and this month I tackled parts of the kitchen. The "pantry" areas were my main target. You can track the progression in these three posts: the plan and inspiration, before and a tiny bit of progress, and after!

{part of the reorganized pantry cabinet}

And what's a pantry makeover without some pretty labels to go with it? As you can see in the photo above, I whipped up some printable pantry labels to go on the reusable containers that house our "staple" foods.

I finally got to participate in a Pinterest Challenge for the first time this month! I customized a magnetic fridge organizer to help keep our incoming mail, coupons and grocery lists organized. There are sooo many awesome projects linked up to the Pinterest Challenge host pages - definitely check them out if you haven't had a chance. (Grab a cup of coffee, start over at Young House Love, and prepared to get lost for awhile...)

Lastly, I walked through some of the updates I've made recently on the blog. These included ways to navigate the blog, find posts on a particular topic, how to pin from a post, etc., and you might notice a few cosmetic changes, too. I'm always scheming up more ways to change things up though, so watch out for more in the coming months!

{one of many blog updates}

So that's February in a nutshell y'all! Thanks, as always, for reading :).

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  1. Wow, I totally love this post and your blog. You have some mad skills, really! I want that magnetic fridge organizer and love the cute labels. I'll definitely be dropping over to your blog more often. Thanks for stopping by mine, too. Adding u to my list now (yes, I like it that much)

    1. Thanks, Mandy! I'm glad you're enjoying my little blog. Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for the lovely compliments!

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