Blagden Alley Social Club {Valentine's Day Recap}

Remember when I told you about the last-minute change to our Valentine's Day plans? Well I'm happy to report that the outing was a smashing success. (If you haven't read my Valentine's Day post, I suggest you start there, and this post will make a lot more sense!) It was such a unique experience that I feel like it deserves a detailed recap here on the blog. I really, truly had no idea what it would be like. Based on the uh-mazing photos and story about the carriage house in Garden and Gun, I had high hopes that the food and the people would be equally as amazing as the home. 

Before we get started, I first have to say that my parents are the coolest. They're the ones who found out about this and gave us the opportunity to join them. So thank you, mom and dad!

Alright, here we go.

The setting for the "Blagden Alley Social Club"

The night began with our party of four wandering down a quiet, dark alley - Blagden Alley, that is. Oddly enough, this didn't feel strange or scary. We knew we'd found the right place once we spotted the huge "Huntress Coal Oil" mural painted on the second story wall of Dan and Anna Kahoe's home.  

Dan greeted us at the sliding garage door entrance and ushered us into the dining space (you can see it behind him in the photo above). After taking one look at their home, I knew Garden and Gun was spot on when they called it a "Bohemian Carriage House." That's exactly what it is. And their home is more stunning, if you can imagine that, in person than in the pictures. It is full of unique pieces of furniture and art, and has amazing architectural features. You can tell that every little thing, from the wallpaper to the lighting and accessories, was thoughtfully chosen. I would even call it curated. Their style is a unique mix of rustic, modern, vintage and eclectic. It certainly has a "collected over time" feel, and it's comfortable and welcoming. That's no easy accomplishment!

We certainly felt welcomed by the Kahoes on a chilly Valentine's evening. They entertained our dozens of questions so graciously and truly made us feel at home.

Where we dined

Since moving in and renovating the space just a year ago (I'd love to see the "befores"), they've started hosting semi-regular gatherings they've appropriately dubbed the "Blagden Alley Social Club" - thus the title of today's post. They host these intimate gatherings at their communal 14-person table, and invite a chef to come prepare a multi-course meal. In this case, a former Top Chef contender, Jeffrey Jew, was our food-preparer extraordinaire.

He's good, y'all. And such a nice guy as well. Everything I tasted was delicious. We had goat cheese canapes, winter vegetable salad, lamb tenderloin with Israeli cous cous, and peanut butter pot de creme, just to name a few. Listing the dishes doesn't do them justice though - each plate was a work of art. Man, I wish I could cook like that. Jeffrey, you rock. Wanna come be our personal chef? Just kidding. Sorta. Not really.

Oh! And the people we met were fabulous. We had so many great and interesting conversations that night. I kept pinching myself and saying, "Are we really here? Is this actually happening?" We had so much fun. We really only have one photo (that unfortunately, didn't turn out, otherwise I'd share!) from the night because it didn't feel like a photo-taking kind of night. Do you know what I mean? Plus, Garden and Gun did a way better job than I ever could. We just soaked up the mental images instead.

Before we left the Kahoes were kind enough to let us take a tour of the upstairs of their home as well. That part of their home includes a living area, bedroom and full bath. Again, stunning. I mean, just look at that chevron-painted floor!

Many thanks to the Kahoes for their hospitality and for putting together such a fantastic evening. It turned out to be the most wonderful place to find ourselves on Valentine's Day!

Before I go, I've got one last thing to mention about the Kahoes. As if this whole Blagden Alley Social Club thing isn't enough awesomeness already, they also own a shop in DC called Good Wood, which they describe as an American mercantile and dry goods store. Many pieces in their home came from there. I'm definitely planning a visit in the very near future. Some of the other dinner guests who were with us are regular visitors, and they couldn't say enough good things about it. If you're a DC local, you might want to pay the shop a visit!

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  1. Oh man. This looks amazing! I've actually had Goodwood on my list of places to visit in DC for a while now, so it's only fitting that I immediately loved these pictures of their house too. Sounds like a great time.

    1. It really was! I can't wait to hit up Good Wood sometime in the (very) near future.


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