Creative Bits | 9: Gold Dots

It's been way too long since I last shared a creative bit with you! In fact, the last time was on November 30th. Bad blogger. Calling it a series and then stopping it abruptly with no explanation? Tsk tsk. (I'm choosing to blame the Christmas busyness.)

Anyway, the series is back. And today's bit comes on the heels of yesterday's post about organizing the problem areas in our apartment. Since I'm planning to tackle the "office" area first, I'm filing today's idea away for the future bathroom organization project. Or rather, the prettifying (can that be a word?) portion of the bathroom project. Function is, of course, very important in organization, but it's way more fun if it looks good too.

With that in mind, to prettify a bathroom cabinet, how 'bout adding some gold dots to the inside back of it? I think so. Courtney, at A Thoughful Place, did just that. Look!

I'm loving the results. Subtle, yet totally rockin' and unexpected. All it took was a piece of foam board, a stamp, and a gold ink pad. Check out the details on her blog to see how you can make one yourself. Go do it!


Creative Bits is a semi-regular series here on May Richer Fuller Be where I share little tips, tricks and simple do-it-yourself projects from other creative bloggers' minds. I figure if it makes me say, "wow," it's worth passing along to you! And remember, if you want to pin any images that don't belong to me, please click through and pin from the original source!

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  1. Oh, you are so so sweet. Thank you for featuring my gold dots! I appreciate it so much!

    1. You did a wonderful job! I'm glad I came across this project!

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  3. Welcome back, Creative Bits! Gold dots to jazz up a bathroom cabinet - genius! Courtney's DIY with foam board, stamp, and gold ink pad is both chic and simple. Excited for more creative inspiration!
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