O Christmas Tree {Sigh...}

Confession: We took down our Christmas tree on Sunday.

Yes, before Christmas. Sad, sad day. But it was for good reason. We were unintentionally creating a pine needle carpet all over our wood floors because... our tree. was. dead. Sigh.

Christmas tree fail. Here she is all wrapped up so as to avoid creating another green (and spiky!) carpet.

{excuse the blurry-ish iPhone pictures...too sad of an event to be captured by my real camera}
If you read my Thanksgiving Rewind post awhile back, you'll remember we got our Christmas tree the weekend after Thanksgiving. In my excitement, I may not have thought ahead to how long that Christmas tree would be up. Turns out, a tree doesn't survive an extended period of time without its roots. I also may have been a little delinquent in checking the water level in the tree stand. (Man, those things suck up water so fast!)

So on Sunday, down came the lights and tinsel garland...

{see the needle accumulation in the tree stand? that's just a fraction of what our floor looked like.}

...and the pretty ornaments...

Then we swept and vacuumed that carpet of silly pine needles like there was no tomorrow.

And we're still finding them ever-y-where. Including Jackson's hair. Poor guy.

So that's the story of our sad Christmas tree. I've learned my lesson about buying one early. I won't do that again!

In other {happier} news, I'm glad to report we've received many lovely Christmas cards from family and friends recently. I found this gold "Christmas tree" last year at a thrift store after Christmas for less than a dollar. At the time, I wasn't sure what I would use it for, but turns out it's perfect for displaying Christmas cards! Now I get to see them whenever I'm in the living room, or the kitchen, or the "dining room" since - let's be real - our apartment is pretty tiny!

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