Christmas Concert: Andrew Peterson

Quick post today, friends! Happy Friday!

Last weekend, my parents took us to a Christmas concert put on by singer/songwriter Andrew Peterson. It wasn't your traditional Christmas carol shindig; it was a performance of a very unique and powerful album he wrote called "Behold the Lamb of God". And if you want to know what it's about, just take a look at the subtitle on the album cover. It says it's "the true tale of the coming of Christ." And he's right. He does a brilliant job telling the Christmas story though songs. He starts all the way back with Moses, moves through the story of Israel's longing for a Savior, and ends with a triumphant celebration of Jesus's birth. He tells it like it happened, without romanticizing it. If you need proof of that, just listen to the track called "Labor of Love" (sung beautifully by Jill Phillips). My personal favorite track is "While Shepherds Watched their Flocks." It's been one I've listened to over and over the past few weeks.

If you buy one Christmas album this year, buy this one. Can you tell I'm a fan?

The concert itself was awesome. Andrew brought along several of his other singer/songwriter friends too. They spent the first half of the concert singing their own music in a "round robin" fashion (they took turns - each singing one of their songs), which was really fun and unexpected. It helped me get to know these people in the context of their own musical style, and hear some new music. Then, after a quick intermission, they all sang/played the whole Behold the Lamb of God album start to finish. Andrew sang the leads and played guitar on most of the songs, and the rest joined in on harmonies and other instruments. Powerful stuff. It was one of those experiences I won't soon forget!

So go on out and get yourself a copy of this album! (Did I say that already? Whoops.) Just do it, ok?

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  6. Hello Chaney,

    I'm a very big fan of Andrew Peterson myself and I'm already looking forward to this Christmas and the magical atmosphere that prevails on these days. Just a little snow wouldn't be bad, unfortunately last Christmas there was only a green landscape to see. 😂

    Best Regards,


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