Weekend Trip

Last Thursday, we escaped to Boca Grande, Florida for an awesome retreat/conference. I'm still not exactly sure how to describe it, but the purpose was to learn how to integrate faith into work/family/life well (is that vague enough for you?). The target audience was emerging leaders who are in "demanding" career tracks, and they encouraged spouses to attend too (if applicable). We got a chance to hear from some great speakers and "mentors," have discussions with others who are in a similar stage in life, and simply hang out with interesting people from all over the country.

Oh, and we did spend a little bit of time basking in the glorious Florida sunshine on the beach. :)

And watching sunsets like this:

We came away from it with lots to chew on and digest, and hopefully some new friends. I'll leave you photo of us from the poolside dinner we had on Friday evening.

Shoutout to Instagram for making photo-taking so easy on this trip! Is anyone else as obsessed as I am?

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