My Commute {31 Days: Day 13}

Ugh, what a boring title right? Who in the world wants to read a post on someone's commute? Not me. So why am I writing about it? Well, it's because I happen to love the city I live in and my commute happens to take me past some of the most well-known memorials and sites in Washington, DC each day. It's a privilege, and though I have a serious disdain for the traffic and the crazy drivers here, I certainly can't complain about the views. I know I won't always have a job that takes me past these sweet historic sites, so I want to make sure I don't miss out on memorializing it (no pun intended on the memorials part...).

I had grand plans to take you to visit some of my favorite sites, but the government shutdown has, *ahem*, shut down a lot of the places I planned to go. Hopefully that will end soon, but in the meantime, I invite you to join me on a photo tour of my commute - from my car! (Don't worry, I took all of these photos while stopped at lights or while sitting in stopped traffic :).) I have taken this series of photos over the past year or so on my drives when I've spotted something especially noteworthy.

The Washington Monument. The view of it at sunset never gets old.

The Capitol. Because the maximum height of buildings in DC is 130 feet, you can see Capitol and the Washington Monument from just about anywhere in the city, but being this close is pretty awesome.

Part of my drive takes me along the Potomac River, and I love how different and unique all the bridges are. This one always has the most gorgeous light cast on it in the mornings. 

Back in the spring, I had the pleasure of taking in the beauty of the cherry blossoms as they peaked. They're so elegantly pretty.

Ok, so I cheated a little on this one at the Jefferson Memorial. I didn't take this one from my car, but I do drive by it every day and just happened to be on foot there one time and snapped this photo. Pretty, huh?

Here's my actual view of ole Jefferson from my drive at sunset:

So I may have a mild obsession with sunrise and sunset photos of these places. It's a pretty magical time of day (not to get too cheesy on you here). If you're ever in DC, you definitely need to take time to walk around to these places during those times of the day (or at night when the weather's nice!). Hope you enjoyed your mini tour of DC today!

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Read the series from the beginning...

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